Lacrem, vegan frozen desserts


Who we are

Lacrem is the first and the only Quebec company to offer consumers a soy-based vegan frozen dessert exempt of any animal by-product (contains no milk, lactose, eggs or bovine protein) and also free of gluten, nuts and peanuts.

The company was born from one of the co-founders’ desire to find a proper substitute for her favorite dessert after changing her eating habits. She found herself very disapointed by the options available on the market. No stranger to churning her own ice cream at home, she decided to create a product as rich and smooth as the dairy-based classic, and make it available in an array of flavors, from the beloved classics to the most sophisticated novelties. The high demand for such a product on the Quebec and Canada food market was a great incentive for Véronik Lacombe and Éric Rémillard to unite their destiny as well as their last names and co-found Lacrem in 2016 and introduce the first vegan frozen dessert produced in the province of Quebec.

Our products

Lacrem’s highest priority is to use quality ingredients in the confection of our frozen desserts. We use natural, local and organic ingredients whenever available. Our products can be found in a 473ml cup size in health food stores, markets and grocerie stores throughout the Province of Quebec, as well as many ice cream parlors and restaurants. Alongside your beloved classic flavors and more decadent treats, our regular selection also includes unique varieties such as Chaï Tea, Earl Grey Tea and Lemon & Poppy Seeds. We like to celebrate the different seasons by offering limited edition seasonal flavors and we can create exclusive custom flavors for restaurants.

New flavors

Offering customers new and exciting flavors is part of mission and vision for the future.


Lemon Meringue Pie

Lacrem kicked off its second summer in business on a fresh note by releasing its frozen rendition of the very popular lemon meringue pie. Smooth, light and perfectly tart, this new flavor is now available in stores to brighten up the taste buds of young and old lemon meringue pie fans.

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Our Maple flavor arrived on the shelves of retail locations with the spring season. Sweetened with 100% pure, local and organic maple products only, it will delight your sweet tooth with the exhilarating aromas of the sugar shack all year long.

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Earl Grey

The delectable and refined taste of our signature flavor Earl Grey Tea is heightened by Lacrem’s recent partnership with Zyo Teas ! We cold-brew the tea in our soy beverage base, letting it diffuse its delicate aromas to obtain a rich, creamy and refreshingly distinguished frozen dessert.

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